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Company Background

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SNA-MED was established in 1994 in the industrial capital of Syria, Aleppo and started as a local distributor for medical supplies with a major line of business focusing on medical disposables. With great dedication, ongoing research, extensive hard work, and continuous improvements over the past few years, SNA-MED inaugurated its second branch office in the capital Damascus in 1999. The turning point in SNA-MED history is when It started to source out its own business partners and moved from being a subagent for some local distributors to become a renowned agent for many International leading companies. Being a customer oriented company, SNA-MED succeeded to become one of the leading medical supplies company in the Syrian market with a market share of about 60 % and an annual turnover of about SP 75 M. The company is currently operating several departments covering Urology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Biopsy, Endoscopy, General Surgery Pharmaceutical, and Patient care products.
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Company Philosophy & Core Values

Customers: SNA-MED has set out its goal to obtain the confidence of all its customers of doctors and hospitals. We commit to customer care, technical support, hard work, meeting our promises and follow up ensuring continuous customer satisfaction. Business Partners: our professional business manner and high performance is our assurance towards our international business partners. Corporate Culture: our team is focused on a corporate culture of excellence, work environment of professionalism and enhanced productivity. Staff: “Responsibility, Reliability, teamwork, and dedication” are key characteristics of SNA-MED’s staff. We are committed to provide our team members with the latest training to maintain a high level of productivity, efficiency, and competency.
about us1
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Critical Success Factors

  • Create and develop professional supplier-to-customer networks.
  • Provide our society with high professional trustful techno-medical services Sustain a continuous customer satisfaction.
  • Expand product ranges to meet the increasingly potential market demand Achieve a constant knowledge development system.
  • Accomplish a qualified administrative system that ensures open communication channels and performance management.
  • Support teamwork with knowledge transfer system and performance assessment system. Increase our operational excellence.
  • Market SNA-MED efficiently to increase its market added value.
  • Build a strong financial system that guarantees SNA-MED stability, continuity and expansion.
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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading, reliable and most trusted company for innovative and valued medical devices, products, and services that enhance people’s quality of life in the communities where we work and live.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of people by providing high quality less invasive medical devices and help control disease and injuries.
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Company Strategy

SNA-MED has set forth its goals toincrease its market share over the next few years and has made plans in introduce new concepts and products such as operating rooms theaters, operating tables, surgical instruments,laboratory equipment, etc. It is also planning to actively participate in the rebuilding phase of health facilities and hospitals.
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Meet our team

Responsibility, Reliability, teamwork, and dedication are synonymous of our team that shares a strong passion for the Industry One of the reasons behind SNA-MED success resides in its Team. SNA-MED’s Team is made up of highly qualified professionals who have wide knowledge and experience in the medical industry. Work environment: Our vision and values guide the choice and decisions our employees make every day. Internal Policies: The company employs an internal policy system that complies to the Syrian labor Law and copes up with international standards. These internal policies ensure proper recruitment measures, internal communication channels, formal circulation of documents, inter-department relationship organization, training programs, performance assessment, promotions, termination as well as other work related issues. Each employee is made aware of these policies and procedures at the time of employment and is kept updated of any modifications in this regard. The employee is also made familiar with his job description and duties and responsibilities. SNA-MED provides a perfect work environment for its employees. It is full of challenges, developments and career advancements.
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Company Major Activities

Internationally, SNA-MED keeps up with innovations and developments in the medical field on the international level through focusing on the international markets and regularly visiting the largest specialty trade events worldwide. SNA-MED team has been visiting MEDICA in Dusseldorf – Germany and Arab Health in Dubai – UAE for many years to strengthen its relationships with existing business partners and to source out new opportunities. Locally, SNA-MED has been sponsoring the Syrian Urological Society Congress for many years. It also sponsored The 1st, and 2nd, Syrian French Annual Urology Conference. SNA-MED has been organizing and fully supporting workshops, presentations, and lectures about updates in urology and endo-urology, etc.. held in various hospitals and centers over the past few years. The following is only a summary of these key activities:
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Contact Us


Al-Jameliah Area Aleppo - Syria
PO Box: 7958
Tel. +963 21 2229526
Fax: +963 21 2229527
E-mail: -

Damascus Main Branch

Al-Baramkeh - Mus‘ab ibn 'Umair St. - In front of Tishreen Hotel
Tel. +963 11 2322552
Fax: +963 11 2310187