Technical Support

Technical Support Department:

  • At SNA-MED, we have a dedicated technical support team of experienced engineers who ensure the best quality servicing, maintenance and repair of our products.
  • Our experienced engineers have in-depth knowledge of all our products and operate to strict quality standards. This gives technicians, healthcare providers and patients peace of mind,

Your Technical Support Partner

  • In line with Care Quality Commission guidance, healthcare providers must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for managing, maintaining and servicing medical devices.
  • For SNA-MED devices, ensuring compliance with CQC guidance entails a minimum of an annual inspection, preventative maintenance and recalibration (IPMR) service carried out by a technically qualified engineer.

Online Technical Helpdesk

  • Our online Technical Helpdesk allows you to arrange the servicing, repair or maintenance of your device and then the ability to track your device through the service and repair process.
  • It is available to all customers who purchase a technical service contract or a technical training course.

Our technical support professionals are only one click away from you. Please use the form below to report your technical problem in details or alternatively call 0212229526


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